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If you touch me, I just think I'll scream

2011-09-11 12:33:13 by WalkingShrub

Haven't written here in a little bit.

I've been doing... music more than art, and photography more than film.
But none of that means shit. It only means something to me and me alone.

When you have a great moment, it's always stored away in your memory in that folder of prominent memories and shit. Nobody else has access to that folder, and therefore they do not appreciate something the way you do.

Nothing you ever do will have a life changing effect on me and nothing I do will ever have a life changing effect on you. You may be influenced, but you're not living with a philosophy that matches. Neither am I.
I believe in what I make and I believe in a lot of the things I do. You don't.

I'm not super upset about this. I know it's an unwritten rule in life that you'll never actually change the world with your words or your visuals or your sound. It can't actually happen. The Beatles changed music, but they didn't change the world.

I'll use an example from film. In film, you are usually trying to make a person take a better look at themselves/the world. You want them to recalculate and rewrite themselves. You may get them to think a bit, but they will never change. You can't change people; they are who they are.
This doesn't mean that you should give up.

It just means you should try harder to break that unwritten rule. Just because you can't change people/the world doesn't mean you can't try and fail. Either way it means something to you alone, and that's enough of a reason to try.

I'm out.

PS: This is a neat song: Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2

If you touch me, I just think I'll scream


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2017-02-15 21:55:25

excellent post, my friend, with an excellent message in it...

indeed, people, cant change.

but with great works of art, (be it, drawings/paintings/music/songs/movies/anything), with great works of art, you can INSPIRE a person to THINK about their life/about themselves, and that alone can be a small(?) victory.

because when people are thinking, they are evolving, and when people are evolving, people (slightly) changer for the better.

its not a HUGE change, but its a a very good/useful one.
so, its worth the shot. its worth to try.

remain awesome and artistic, my friend!
we <3 you!