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If you touch me, I just think I'll scream

2011-09-11 12:33:13 by WalkingShrub

Haven't written here in a little bit.

I've been doing... music more than art, and photography more than film.
But none of that means shit. It only means something to me and me alone.

When you have a great moment, it's always stored away in your memory in that folder of prominent memories and shit. Nobody else has access to that folder, and therefore they do not appreciate something the way you do.

Nothing you ever do will have a life changing effect on me and nothing I do will ever have a life changing effect on you. You may be influenced, but you're not living with a philosophy that matches. Neither am I.
I believe in what I make and I believe in a lot of the things I do. You don't.

I'm not super upset about this. I know it's an unwritten rule in life that you'll never actually change the world with your words or your visuals or your sound. It can't actually happen. The Beatles changed music, but they didn't change the world.

I'll use an example from film. In film, you are usually trying to make a person take a better look at themselves/the world. You want them to recalculate and rewrite themselves. You may get them to think a bit, but they will never change. You can't change people; they are who they are.
This doesn't mean that you should give up.

It just means you should try harder to break that unwritten rule. Just because you can't change people/the world doesn't mean you can't try and fail. Either way it means something to you alone, and that's enough of a reason to try.

I'm out.

PS: This is a neat song: Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2

If you touch me, I just think I'll scream

Attention Grab L.O.L. omg?

2011-09-05 20:47:48 by WalkingShrub

Yeah, so I make music sometimes.
Why should you listen to my music?
WEH-HEH-HELL, because your criticism will harden me into a functioning composer-man.
The audio portal is kinda stale, so why not freshen things up?


Attention Grab L.O.L. omg?

2 (Sorry for soundcloud, I can't get it to upload here.)

I also uploaded some new artwork a while ago, so see that here:

Yupyup, thanks for coming!

Hey guys, I made another two sound things.

Two New Songs in One Day!

2011-07-12 03:14:26 by WalkingShrub

Hey guys! Today I made 2 songs.

"Can We Really Do This?" -Basically a reflection on the creative doubts I have.

"Milk's Great Fall" -A shot at VG music, and a rough sketch for Clark's new game idea. Apparently he liked it!

So... yeah! Man am I ever tired now.

PS: Here's a song I did on thursday or something.

PPS: If you haven't already checked it out, take a look at my album! Thanks!

PPPS: /432908

'Night Newgrounds!

Two New Songs in One Day!

Radwalrus is.... Yeah!

2011-07-08 20:04:13 by WalkingShrub

Hey guys, my pal Radwalrus just re-released some animations for a thing we did a while ago, and you can watch them here!They make me laugh every time.

Oh yeah, and you guys should also vote fairly(five) and review it!

You can get it here!

Just set the price as zero to get it for free.
Please give it a listen! Thanks,

My Album is available for Free Download!

Album Release On Sunday!

2011-06-24 22:15:16 by WalkingShrub

Hey guys,

My compilation of music known as an album will release this Sunday the 26th of June at 12:00am. You'll be able to get it at this Bandcamp page,which will be invisible until then.

Be sure to give it a listen, and if you have any thoughts please post them here!
I'll do a frontpage news post here letting you know when it's up.


Album Release On Sunday!


2011-06-12 21:53:05 by WalkingShrub


Some shtuff.

Hey guys, I've got this compilation of music I've done, and I need cover art for it. Would anybody be willing to contribute some artwork for the cover? 6x6", use a slightly dull green, make it look worn.
I'll be releasing it around the 20th, so having it for sometime before then would be wicked.

If anyone's interested, just send me a PM and I'll give you the rest of the details.
Thanks so much,

Album Release Sometime Soon, I Need An Artist.

Just watched I-ROBOT again.

2011-05-28 22:30:31 by WalkingShrub

Still love that movie.
I just can't get enough of James Cromwell's voice. Kind of like Morgan Freeman in the sense that I could listen to anything he says and be captivated.